"You're so rebellious!", "You're a rebel" and similar things I've been told in recent years as I grew from a shy, introvert child to a rebellious man, as they call me.



Having graduated in a media program recently, I feel that I’m obliged to let people know what its really like to be a media student.



Do our classrooms need to be full of Drama? I say, why not? Why not take students onto an immerse journey that introduces a plathora of ideas, only in a more visual form.


A week ago, I traveled from Rawalpindi to shoot the Kaghan Valley. It was both an exhilarating and daunting experience. The road to the Kaghan Valley is well paved but be ready for some bumpy rides to visit places such as Lalazar, Shogran, Siri, Paye and Saif ul Malook lake.




Moiz Khan was born on November 14 1990 in Peshawar, Pakistan. He made his first short film at the age of 16 and realized right then that he was made for the arts. Over the last 8 years, Moiz has accreted his skills as a Filmmaker, Photographer and Graphic Artist. Having worked with a number of NGOs, corporate and television channels, he tries to find new and challenging ways to further enhance his skills and experiment on different mediums.



    I’m an adept movie watcher. Hollywood, Foreign or Local, it doesn’t matter! I am greatly fond of independent short and feature films and regularly watch and admire the work of the young and aspiring filmmakers out there.



    The Beatles, The Fray, Queens, Ray Charles , Michael Jackson, U2, Green Day, Linkin Park, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Elvis Presley, Noori, Johnny Cash, Joe Satriani, Louis Armstrong and the list just goes on and on…

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    I’m into books with adventure, mystery, drama, horror and thrill. Some Good books that I’ve read: Journey to the center of the Earth, Goosebumps, Treasure Island, Around the world in 80 days, The merchant of Venice and many more…



    As a photographer, I like to shoot for myself. I am very selective when it comes to taking photographs. I am greatly fond of shooting portraits, conceptual, digital renditions, landscapes and low key.

About this Blog // My thoughts and experiences for the world to see.


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    I have created exclusively a tribute to some of the artists featured in the 7th season of coke studio. Being inspired by the latest trend of Hollywood movies’ minimal fan posters, I wanted to take on a similar approach while designing these Coke Studio 7 posters. Hope you all enjoy and share this with your friends.

    P.S.Remember to credit the designer@ fb.com/moizk90 or www.moizkhanfilms.com


    coke studio 7 coke studio 7 coke studio 7

    coke studio 7 coke studio 7 coke studio 7


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    “You’re so rebellious!”, “You’re a rebel” and similar things I’ve been told in recent years as I grew from a shy, introvert child to a rebellious man, as they call me. So do I call myself a rebel? Have I really underwent a change? I don’t think I have a direct answer to that and I feel like I have an explanation.

    So who is a rebel?Simply, its someone who opposes. Why do people oppose? A difference in opinion perhaps. A difference of opinion is mandatory for life to go on. This difference is not only present in humans but so many other entities like animals, plants and even inter galactic objects! Please don’t think I”m insane. Do you know what a black hole is? Its, well, an entity in space that literally eats stars and everything it can pull from around it. Its whole existence is based on opposal. So if opposition is so natural then why being a rebel is something that’s looked down upon? Do you know what the Holy book “Quran” starts with? It starts with the word “La” which translates to “No”. Does it not stir your curiosity that a book sent from the skies starts from the word “No”?

    Rebels are always seen as misfits in societies because they break its norms. People are different, a group-held belief about how members should behave can just not apply to everyone. I feel everyone is a rebel by heart. Its just that some people suppress it while some go out and rebel! Living in Pakistan, I have come to realize that the social norms in our society has no place for rebels. We can’t accept refusal. Part ego, part honor; this is what most of us care about. I believe people here live life for others more than they do for themselves.

    Why is it that your elder is always right? Agreed they have more experience in life but every life’s experience is different from the other and a young one can have a better knowledge of an experience than that of an elder. See its too relative and we can’t derive a statement stating that elders will always be right because its not a fact. Many times they may be right, but sometimes they may be wrong and then sometimes they’ll find someone who’ll tell them what’s right and THAT is when he is labelled a rebel.

    Opposition instills growth in many forms. Trees have evolved to grow fast in a canopy. The French Revolution marked a historical change as people defeated the powerful monarchies and churches. Elephants have evolved to give birth to young ones without their Tusks to avoid (oppose) poachers. There are so many examples around us and we need only to look.

    So Yes I’m a rebel because I’m a part of a natural process that might never be accepted but can never be ignored.


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    Today, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture of Dr. Ashraf Iqbal as part of the Ilm Apps Challenge. I was basically assigned to do the video work but what I always look forward with such events is that I get free access to some exciting new ideas.

    It was a little different while attending Dr. Iqbal’s session. I was bemused in what most of us Pakistanis tend to do, create a quick opinion about someone. Thankfully I was proved wrong with an inspiring session on the concept of gamification.

    There was one such point that Mr. Ashraf raised, which was peculiar to me, yet made so much sense! During the end of his lecture, answering to a comment, he stated how classrooms need the students involved. He further added that its completely okay to feel excited, disappointed, angry, curious and immersed! I being always fond of great storytelling could really understand what he meant (or so I think).

    So the question arises, do our classrooms need to be full of Drama? I say, why not? Why not take students onto an immerse journey that introduces a plathora of ideas, only in a more visual form. I remember having a conversation with one of my friends who told me how our brain can only work in images.

    Ever get why children don’t hear you when you tell them NOT to do something? Well its because the mind cannot perceive the image of “No”. So why not tell a story? Why not to dramatize what you want to teach the children and take them into a world of their own imagination where each perspective is unique and not “bookish” as we see today.

    Imagine a classroom where teachers don’t teach you math. They show you math. They take you on a historical journey of why numbers formed and why the number “1″ is as it is today. Imagine a teacher dramatizing the fall of the apple and creating an after-story that completely hooks the student to his imagination. The key is to keep that imaginative bit rolling. We are too fixated on ideas. We feel to learned to unlearn. We don’t take a step back and rethink. We don’t imagine enough. I hope this idea reaches out to people who can group together (and count me in on that group) and create something completely out of the ordinary like a mystic journey towards  knowledge.

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